In Sicily explosion in a residential building: a man was killed and four were injured

На Сицилии прогремел взрыв в жилом доме: погиб человек, четверо пострадали

In the Sicilian city of Catania, one person was killed and four were injured as a result of collapse of buildings in the Sicilian town of Catania, the cause of the accident, presumably, was the explosion of a gas cylinder, reports La Repubblica.

In the night of Sunday the residents of the center, the second largest city of the Italian island woke up to a loud Bang. Arrived at the place rescuers found the three-storey building almost completely destroyed.

From-under blockages were retrieved the body of an elderly woman in an apartment that was the epicenter of the explosion. Two of the four injured are in serious condition, urgently hospitalized 10-month-old girl with a fractured skull. At the scene continue to work as firefighters, rescuers, the carabinieri and the police.

According to the publication, one of the residents of the house actually saved the family ties: the night of the accident she was visiting a son. “I survived by a miracle, I, too, could be under the rubble,” said she in a ruined house.

Yesterday suicide bombers blew themselves up near the military institutions in the Syrian city of HOMS, known to be about 42 dead and dozens injured.

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