In Slavyansk four men abducted a 30-year-old woman and demanded for her return, repayment in 50 thousand dollars

В Славянске четверо мужчин похитили 30-летнюю женщину и требовали за ее возвращение выкуп в 50 тыс. долларов

In Slavyansk four men abducted a 30-year-old woman and demanded for her return a ransom of 50 thousand dollars. About it reports a press-service of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine (GPU).

According to the report, the kidnapping occurred in the evening of 18 may. “Three earlier judged inhabitants of the Slavic area and in Poltava region, one of whom is a former employee of special forces of MIA of Ukraine, attacked the 30-year-old woman who came out of the stairwell of flats in the town of Slavyansk, and force pulled her into the cabin of the car. Wearing on a woman’s head Balaclava, she was brought to the house of one of the attackers. On the same day the attackers called the roommate hostage and demanded her return in exchange for a cash payment in the amount of 50 thousand dollars.” – emphasized in Prosecutor’s office.

After the transfer of the money, all the attackers were detained. “On may 21, two of vymogatelya got left by a man at the appointed place cash in the total amount of 21 thousand dollars. and 100 euros, and tried to escape on a bus, but were detained by militiamen. Over time it was established the whereabouts of the remaining members of the criminal group, and – missing women, which was associated by a guard in the woods near the village of Cherkasy Slavic area”, – noted in Prosecutor’s office.

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Now, according to law enforcement, the women’s health threatens nothing. Her kidnappers it is reported about suspicion in Commission of the criminal offense under part 2 of article 147 (capture of hostages) criminal code of Ukraine. The question on election of a preventive measure. Pre-judicial investigation proceeds.

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“The kidnappers face up to 15 years behind bars,” according to the Prosecutor’s office.