In Slavyansk has identified three accomplices of the separatists

В Славянске выявили трех пособников сепаратистов

Ex-members of illegal armed groups was on duty at the checkpoint in Slavyansk

Two men and a woman took an active part in the events of 2014, helping the separatists. They pleaded guilty and is now cooperating with law enforcement authorities.

Police of Slavyansk revealed three ex-members of illegal armed groups – they took an active part in the events of 2014, helping the separatists. On Wednesday, April 11, reported the press service of the Channel.

It is noted that two men and a woman have pleaded guilty and are now cooperating with law enforcement authorities.

Resident of the city of mykolaivka, born in 1986, told the police that the illegal armed formation, he came from an ideological standpoint. Fascinated by the propaganda of the separatists, he for own means bought camouflage uniforms and have volunteered for sentry duty at a checkpoint in the city.

Subsequently, the man saw that instead of the order which was allegedly established by the separatists, has begun the present war, and his “combat brothers” are common bandits. He decided to cease their activities when the “colleagues” took “in the basement” his mother, who was the owner of the store and demanded money from her. Four years the man was a fugitive from justice, but tired from racing, decided to surrender.

Two residents of Slavyansk – a woman born in 1995 and male 1986 – also in April-June have been “on duty” on the fortifications of the separatists. Their “service” ended in disappointment and fear of responsibility for their actions.

On the specified facts criminal proceedings. Initiated pre-trial investigation.

Earlier, police detained ten people who are accused of aiding separatists in 2014.


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