In Slovakia stolen Ukrainian “cemetery EuroBLECH”

В Словакии разворовывают украинское "кладбище евроблях"

In Slovakia, the Ukrainians abandoned stolen car

Abandoned Ukrainians cars began to dismantle for parts, or to steal the whole thing. Police are investigating the theft.

In neighboring Ukraine, the Slovak village of the Cursed, abandoned Ukrainians stolen cars. On Wednesday, March 6, according to Мукачево.net.

It is noted that for several months the Mother observed an emergency – plots filled with cars that belong to Ukrainian owners.

This situation is due to the fact that Ukraine has abolished the possibility to import foreign-registered vehicles in transit.

The Slovaks claim that three hundred cars parked around the village, in the courtyards and gardens were left by the Ukrainians, who, because of the new customs law are unable to return to Ukraine.

Problem tried to solve at the governmental level, but to no avail.

However, recently unknown began to dismantle the abandoned car, from the wheels to the rear view mirrors. Some cars just disappear and the Ukrainian owners go to the police.

“Now the village of Son recorded two stolen vehicles belonging to the citizens of Ukraine”, – said the press-Secretary of police of Jan Lygdenova.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian mass throw “EuroBLECH” in Slovakia.


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