In South Korea, took on the job of a robot journalist

В Южной Корее взяли на работу робота-журналиста

The bot has issued a total of 380 auto pilot articles.

In South Korea, took on the job of a journalist is a bot that already writes articles on sports topics. This publication reports the Yonhap, which employed job.

“Yonhap news Agency introduced an automated system for the release of news about the football games of the English Premier League”, – stated in the message.

According to the publication, software Soccerbot-based algorithm that mimics the way journalists write. The bot has issued a total of 380 auto-pilot articles, each for one or two seconds after the end of the game.

In Yonhap said he will develop another program for lighting PyeongChang winter Olympics in February 2018.

It is noted that Soccerbot uses a database of words and sentences, written by reporter of Yonhap. He publishes articles in three phases: collects data, writes proposals and checks spelling and grammar. The program also collects data from 5 different sources to identify incorrect information.

Earlier it was reported that in South Korea, want to introduce a “tax the robots”, proceeding of the concerns that they take jobs away from people.