In Spain found the site of the old cannibals

На территории Испании найдена стоянка древних людоедов

Human remains. Archive photo

On the territory of modern Spain, archaeologists have found evidence of cannibalism, which was practiced lived there 10 thousand years ago the tribes. Relevant information was published in the journal of Anthropological Archaeology.

As noted, archaeologists carried out excavations of the human habitat in the cave, an hour drive South from Valencia. During the excavations was discovered 30 human bones, which, in the opinion of experts, belong to at least two adults and one child. The remains were obvious traces of processing stone tools, fire and human teeth. Radiocarbon Dating showed that the bones appeared in the cave in different periods of time.

Archaeologists said that it is unlikely that the residents faced starvation because of the numerous animal remains found in the cave, suggests that a lack of food they have not experienced. “We cannot completely exclude the possibility that such practices may be the result of periodic food stress experienced by the people,” said the scientists, adding that perhaps the reason antropologicheskie behavior was the conflict between multiple cultural groups at the regional transition “epipaleolithic – Mesolithic”.

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