In Spain will be held early parliamentary elections

В Испании пройдут досрочные выборы в парламент

King Felipe VI of Spain has decided to dissolve the Parliament, reports Deutsche Welle.

According to the report, to this step, the monarch was forced to use ineffective after long consultations with leaders of political parties regarding the establishment of a coalition government.

It is noted that the Parliament failed to propose any candidate for Prime Minister, because none of the candidates had enough votes in his support.

“Because of this, the decision to hold re-elections on 26 June this year was inevitable,” – said the Chairman of the Parliament of the country Patxi Lopez after a conversation with the monarch.

According to him, now the government will develop a resolution on the dissolution of Parliament and appointment of repeated elections. “The last day for the election of the head of government on 2 may. But if now there are no candidates, the time remaining until said date is not enough,” said Lopez, adding that the king sign a decree to dissolve Parliament on the night of 3 may.

As earlier reported, Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, rejected the proposal of king Felipe VI to form a new government.