In Stuttgart during clashes between left and right have arrested about 400 people

В Штутгарте во время столкновений между левыми и правыми арестовали около 400 человек

German security forces arrested today, about 400 people during protests against right-wing party Alternative for Germany (Alternative für Deutschland, AfD), reports AFP.

The rally was held after the meeting of party members in the Western part of the city, the resumption of the activities of the party occurred in the Wake of the victory of right-wing “freedom Party” in Austria.

To keep the onslaught of protesters, riot police used pepper gas, many of the right have been hidden by others.

Clashes broke out between representatives of the right wing and their left-wing opponents, just in the riots was attended by about 1 thousand people – were burning tires, journalists and the police was flying firecrackers and smoke bombs.

We will remind, in the autumn, and then after the incident at new year’s eve in Cologne in Germany-swept waves of protest against the immigration policy of the current government of Merkel.