In sums released under night house arrest of the robber of a jewelry store

В Сумах отпустили под ночной домашний арест грабителя ювелирного магазина

Zarechny district court of Sumy

The robbery took place in 2016. The offender threatened from eight to 15 years of imprisonment.

Zarechny district court in Sumy on Wednesday, November 7, was released under house arrest at night from Kiev, who is on trial for banditry and robbery at a jewellery shop Rubin in 2016. This writes Dankor online.

It is noted that on 24 July 2016, a gang of three masked men broke into a jewelry store on St. Paul. One of the robbers sprayed the seller in the eye with a gas canister, the other, threatening with a pistol, broke the window. The attackers took jewelry 2.5 million UAH, then fled by car, which was later found burned.

The police have established the identity of the attackers, and then detained two of them in Kiev. The bandits appeared 31-the summer earlier judged inhabitant of Sum. p. and 28-the summer inhabitant of Kiev M. They were taken into custody. Criminals threatened from 8 till 15 years of imprisonment.

Earlier it became known that Nina first court I released under house arrest at night with the use of an electronic bracelet of the native resident of Sumy, and on November 7 under house arrest at night and resident of Kiev.

It is noted that since the case is in court, the prosecution can not appeal the selection of a measure of restraint for the defendants.

Earlier in Kiev robbed the credit institution.

It was also reported that in the river detained suspects in robberies and car thefts.


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