In Sumy driver nine times during the year caught on drunk driving

В Сумах водителя девять раз за год ловили на нетрезвом вождении

The driver of the Mazda for a year nine times was caught drink driving

The inspectors stopped the 22-year-old driver for a traffic violation. During the inspection it was found that the right to drive away from him earlier.

In Sumy patrol has identified the 22-year-old drunk driver, who for the last year amounted to nine protocols for driving while intoxicated, the press service of the patrol police in the Sumy region.

It is noted that the inspectors stopped the car to Mazda for a traffic violation on the street Linear. Driving patrol found a 22-year-old driver without a license, as the rights to driving a man has been deprived previously for driving while intoxicated. Besides, this time he again showed signs of drug intoxication.

“After checking the driver against existing databases, the inspectors found out that he has quite a rich history: in the year 2018 on this driver, the patrol consisted of eight administrative materials for drunk driving and four for driving a person deprived of the right to drive vehicles”, – stated in the message.

In the presence of two witnesses, he refused to undergo examination for intoxication. The inspectors made on the driver administrative materials.

The young man was removed from the control car, and his car on the tow truck was taken to a special area.

We will remind, in Ukraine since the beginning of the year, more than 800 people were killed in the accident.

Only during the may holidays, the accident killed 55 people.


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