In Sumy drunk driver to the cops played the guitar

В Сумах пьяный водитель сыграл копам на гитаре

The accompaniment continued until, until the cops have finished the paperwork.

In Sumy drunk driver tried to fool police by moving in the back seat of the car, and then played them on the guitar. On Monday, July 31, reports the website of the city of Sumy.

Provided that the street Lebedinsky, the patrol crew stopped the car Opel Kadett for violation of traffic rules. As soon as the police got out of the service car and went to the stopped, its driver began to change to rear passenger seat.

“Some time a citizen ignored the demands of the patrol and assured them that he was the passenger of the car. Had signs of alcoholic intoxication. Subsequently, realizing that the police do not believe his story, the man admitted that he was driving and thus was trying to avoid responsibility”, – stated in the message.

In the presence of witnesses, the driver refused to undergo the examination for alcohol intoxication.

Then, by drawing up the Protocol of law enforcement officers, the man got out of the car with a guitar and started playing on it. A musical composition lasted as long as the patrol is not done with the application materials under article 130 (rescission of passing the examination on the state of intoxication the person who has signs of intoxication) and article 185 (malicious disobedience to the lawful demands of the police) of the administrative code.

We will remind, earlier today it was reported that at Kiev, the police stopped the drunk Russian diplomat.