In Sumy fought the inhabitants of the two villages

На Сумщине подрались жители двух сел

In Sumy region there was a mass brawl

Five people were hospitalized, five in the police Department.

In Sumy region the celebration of the village zavershilos assboy fight, which resulted in five casualties with injuries went to the hospital and five more on the police Department.

The local explained to the police that celebrated village, when the club car was approached by a group of young people. “At first everything was fine. Guests partied and danced, and then between them and the inhabitants of the village there was a fight. In the course went bits. Someone did a shot from the traumatic weapon, hitting one of the girls foot. Then the “guests” went”, – told in the regional national police.

Who is affected by injuries of the head and limbs are in the hospital. The taken measures were able to quickly identify bullies and stop them. Are residents of the neighboring village Bey. “Investigators they explained that the day was also celebrated – celebrated birthday of the son of one of them. So pretty drunk, I remembered the neighbor’s holiday and wished to continue there. Analyzing the incident, I can say that conflict could be avoided if both parties were not in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication and controlled their actions”, commented the head lypovodolyns’kyi police Department Andrew Pereletnyj.

On the fact of hooliganism in the police opened criminal proceedings.

Earlier in July, during the dismantling of kiosks in the river was a mass brawl.