In Sumy police car flew into a crowd of pedestrians

В Сумах авто полиции влетело в толпу пешеходов

A police car flew into pedestrians on the sidewalk in Sumy

Police car Toyota Prius rejected on a roadside where it has made arrival on pedestrians. In result of road accident five people suffered.

In Sumy on Sunday, August 19, occurred dorozhno-transport incident to participation of the car of the patrol police, who took off on the sidewalk with pedestrians. The accident injured at least five people, reported the press service of the patrol police of the Sumy region in Facebook.

In particular, it stated that the accident occurred at the intersection of Peter and Paul and Perekop.

The police said that on August 19, around 14:50 minutes, the crew of the patrol police received a report of assault.

“On the way to the scene, the driver of the Audi A4, which was moving on a green signal of a traffic light, didn’t provide advantage in movement to the official car of the patrol police, which moved with the included special sound signal, and beacons of blue and red color, then there was a collision of cars. Next Toyota Prius rejected on a roadside where he had run over pedestrians”, – stated in the message.



Previously it is established that the accident injuries received five people, including an employee of the patrol police, which the rescuers had to rescue from the car.

Now all circumstances of road accident finds out investigative team of the Sumy branch of the police.

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We will remind, earlier in France, in Cambrai unknown car made arrival on a crowd of people outside a nightclub. As a result of the incident injured seven people.

Before that, it was reported that in Toronto (Canada) drove a truck into a crowd of pedestrians.

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