In Sumy region on the border detained moldovanin with Antiques

В Сумской области на границе задержали молдованина с антиквариатом

A citizen of Moldova to withdraw the collection Andvari items

The citizen of Moldova tried to surreptitiously export to Russia Antiques XVIІI-twentieth century. A collection of found and seized.

At the checkpoint Bachevsk (Sumy region) detained a citizen of Moldova, who tried to illegally export to the Russian Federation collection of Antiques. On Wednesday, may 16, reports a press-state frontier service service.

“In the design of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, which was left to Russia the citizen of Moldova, border guard in the cabin of the transport sredstvami relics: the icon of the XIX century, the violin 1719 V., telephone 1929 V., book POMPEI, 1904, V. and V. GIANNETTO 1870, banknotes of the Russian Empire and the RSFSR, the brand of the last century and a piece of silvery metal”, – stated in the message.

The detected objects are withdrawn and sent for examination, which should reveal whether they represent historical and cultural value. On the violator administrative materials.

Recall, on the eve on the border with Russia, was detained a Lithuanian citizen who tried to import into Ukraine of 26 kilograms of drugs.

In Germany detained a group of smugglers of people, among whom were Ukrainians. According to militiamen, they helped the citizens of Moldova to enter Germany and to get a job on a false Romanian passports.

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