In Sumy the accident occurred on the pipeline, the pensioner died

В Сумах произошла авария на газопроводе, погиб пенсионер

The column of fire reached 10 meters

The police believe that the interference of the gas pipeline made it lost. In the result, received fatal burns.

On the outskirts of the city of Sumy there was a fire in the gas distribution network of high pressure, killing one person. About it reports regional management of ashel today, September 22.

According to the chief of police of the city of Sumy Paul Karabuta, one of the versions – the attackers took the valves with valves of the gas distribution station, causing and accident. The column of fire reached 10 meters.

But police said that at about four in the morning, it was reported that in the house, near the scene found the charred corpse of a man. They found 73-year-old pensioner. In the past, the man worked as a welder.

“On the basis of the collected materials, we have every reason to believe that interference in the work of the pipeline was lost. In the result, received fatal burns,” said Karabuta.

Police event, kvalifitsirovanno article on premeditated murder (article 115 of the criminal code of Ukraine with a mark of an accident) and damage to or destruction of oil, gas and pipelines (article 292. part 1 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

At the scene are continuing further investigations.

On the eve in the city of Kremenchug, Poltava region there was an explosion of household gas in the kitchen of a private house. The blast blew out a window in the house, also suffered a pensioner living in the house – he suffered burns and cut wounds.

Earlier in Kiev an apartment building explosion, which lit up the balconies on the two floors.

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