In Sumy today arrive Bethlehem fire of peace

В Сумы сегодня прибывает Вифлеемский огонь мира

In Sumy today arrive Bethlehem fire of peace. About it the correspondent of “112 Ukraine”.

“The peace light from Bethlehem will bring in Sumy for the first time. To meet him will be at 16:00. All gather at the gazebo, the main symbol of the city. The Bethlehem fire will be delivered by the scouts. Then he will give to churches, shelters, hospitals, orphanages,” – said the correspondent.

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“The main goal is to attract the attention of society to people who were far from their families and in need of help. To meet the fire the townspeople gather with their families. To do this, prepare the lamps and candles, which can ignite and carry to their homes. There it is advised to keep to the Baptism. Sumy, lighting the candles, I plan to pray together for peace in the country”, – said the correspondent.

We will remind, on December 19 Bethlehem peace light will be brought to Kiev.