In Sweden explained why it is allowed to build Nord stream-2

В Швеции объяснили, почему разрешили строить Северный поток-2

Germany and Sweden have issued permits for the construction of Nord stream-2

International standards do not prevent prokhladniy pipeline in the continental shelf outside the territory of the coastal state.

Sweden, soglasis for the construction of the gas pipeline Nord stream-2, because the international regulations do not allow you to prevent this. On Wednesday, June 13, in an article for the European truth wrote the Ambassador of Sweden to Ukraine Martin Hagstrom.

“The United Nations Convention on the law of the sea entitles all States to lay submarine cables and pipelines in the continental shelf outside the territory of the coastal state. Under the Convention, the delineation of the course for the laying of such pipelines is carried out with the consent of the coastal state. Such a state has the right to take reasonable measures for the exploration of the continental shelf, the development of its natural resources and the prevention of pollution from pipelines. In other cases, the coastal state “may not impede the laying or maintenance of such pipelines,” wrote Hagstrom.

He noted that the legal rules governing activities in international waters, differ substantially from the legal rules in territorial waters, which in the case of Nord stream-2 apply only to Russia, Germany and Denmark.

The diplomat also said that since receiving the application in September 2016 Sweden had focused on studying the possible impact of the laying of the pipeline on the environment.

He noted that Sweden understands and shares many criticism about Nord stream-2.

“We will continue to participate actively in the negotiations on this issue and to support Ukraine, including its important role as a transit state for the EU, both on bilateral level and within the EU”, – concluded Hagstrom.

Recall that in late March, Germany has issued all permits for the construction of Nord stream-2 at the bottom of the Baltic sea. And last week the construction of the gas pipeline allowed the government of Sweden.


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