In Syria, government forces took control of a town near Hama

В Сирии правительственные войска установили контроль над городом недалеко от Хамы


The Syrian government army with the support of the Russian aircraft and Iran recaptured in the anti-government rebels strategically important city of Souran near the city of Hama. This is reported by the soldiers of the anti-government forces and local residents, reports “Radio Freedom”.

According to the rebels, air strikes were also neighboring cities Latane and Kafr Zeit.

Located in Central Western Syria, the city Soran was already under control loyal to the President Assad forces in the past year, but was lost during the offensive of the armed opposition.

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The rebels are still in another strategically important city, Moreco, North of Hama. Moreno, located on the main road, which gives access to the West of Syria.

As reported, the head of the British foreign Ministry invited Russia to join the Western coalition in Syria.

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