In Syria, ISIS militants shot down a military helicopter, killing two Russian pilots

В Сирии боевики ИГИЛ сбили военный вертолет, погибли двое российских летчиков

Near Palmyra, the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIS) shot down a Syrian Mi-25, which killed two Russian military instructors, driving helicopters. This is with reference to the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation (RF) reports “Interfax”.

“July 8, Russian military instructor pilot to Rafagat Khabibulin and Evgeny Dolgin overflew Syrian Mi-25 (export version of the Mi-24) with ammunition in HOMS province (Syria)”, – stated in the message.

As stated in the Russian defense Ministry, the helicopter was shot down after foiled the attack of terrorists.

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It is noted that in this period a large group of ISIS militants attacked the positions of Syrian troops and broke through the defense, were advancing rapidly inland, threatening the capture of the dominating heights.

According to the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, “the reserve units of the Syrian troops to move and deter the onset of terrorists in this direction was not.”

“The crew received a request from the Syrian command group for fire damage to the attacking militants. The commander of the crew to Rafagat Khabibulin made the decision to attack the terrorists. Competent actions of the Russian crew of the attack of terrorists was foiled,” – said the Russian defense Ministry.

“Having spent ammunition, with the turn to reverse course by ground fire, the helicopter was shot down by terrorists and crashed in an area controlled by the Syrian government army. The helicopter crew were killed,” the message reads.

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It is also reported that Russian pilots presented to the state awards posthumously.

Thus, according to official data, during the operation killed 13 Russian military personnel.

Earlier, on 1 July, in Damascus crashed Syrian military aircraft. He fell during a training flight. The pilot managed to eject, but he was killed by insurgents of grouping “Jaish al-Islam” after he landed in the territory under their control.