In Syria, the army announced full control of Aleppo

В Сирии правительственная армия объявила о полном контроле над Алеппо

The Syrian city of Aleppo is now completely controlled by government forces of Bashar al-Assad after the city was evacuated last bus with the population and the rebels. About it on state TV, Syria said the army command, reports Al Jazeera.

“Command of the armed forces announces the return security to Aleppo after its liberation from terrorism and terrorists and after those who stayed there,” – said in the message.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad also commented on this event.

“This is a major step on the path to ending terrorism in all Syrian areas and to ensure circumstances to find a solution and end the war,” he was quoted by Sky News.

For the week from Eastern Aleppo were evacuated at least 34 thousand people, including civilians and armed insurgents, according to the UN. The operation of removal of civilians from Aleppo began on December 15.

Recall, the battle for Aleppo sharpened between Assad’s army and rebels since 2012. Eastern Aleppo under rebel control for more than four years, the last two years under siege.

The last battles of the Eastern part of Aleppo accompanied by large casualties among the civilian population. The UN has said that Syrian government forces and Iraqi militants fighting on their side, killed 82 civilians in Aleppo. Soldiers broke into houses and killed people.