In Ternopil, a teacher of 18 years, produced a son out of the house

В Тернополе учительница 18 лет не выпускала сына из дому

A young man almost 20 years, no one spoke

The young man speaks English and can cook.

A teacher from Ternopil 18 years of age were not allowed out of the apartment of his only son. The neighbors found out that he lived with her when she died in October of this year. The woman reported all that the son allegedly went to work, writes the local edition of the New Ternopil newspaper.

Now a man of 35 years, upon graduation he was 18 years came out of the apartment. All this time no one came to him never called doctors. According to the social worker, to communicate with the man, he is not adapted for independent life, but owns a computer, a little know how to cook, knows English.

Officials suggest that the mother isolated the man from the outside world. According to the district nurse and neighbors, his mother worked as a teacher, her father a nurse. Father abused alcohol, beat relatives. Perhaps the mother wanted to protect her son from the negative, therefore, and closed on the house, but the “imprisonment” lasted almost 20 years.

Social workers helped the man to get a passport and identification code. He gradually begins to respond to the people, freed from fear, one even tried to make a joke.

As reported Корреспондент.net, June 9, in the region of the teenager tied to a tree and wanted to set fire to.

In the LC torturing children, forcing them to spy.