In Ternopil chanter with a gun caused panic

В Тернополе колядник с автоматом вызвал панику

Boy with fake gun frightened the residents of Ternopil

A young man with a gun seen in the center of the city.

The guy in camouflage uniform, who was walking to Ternopil with a gun at the ready, caused panic among the citizens. As it turned out, the machine was fake and the boy is a member of the den, the website of the city of Ternopil.

Young man with fake weapons photographed in the city centre.

As it turned out, the cause of the commotion — a member of a Patriotic organization Sokol, member of the Nativity scene, who participated in the caroling.

“The guy from the den of OO Sokol. Automatic deactivated MMG (layout)”, – said the Facebook user Nikolay Golubev.

The incident divided the residents of Ternopil in social networks into two camps: some think it’s inappropriate wearing even fake weapons in public places, while others were sympathetic to the party den.

В Тернополе колядник с автоматом вызвал панику



As reported, the Kiev on the Playground detained a man with a gun.

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