In Ternopil police stopped a drunk driver, jumping in the car

В Тернополе полицейский остановил пьяного водителя, запрыгнув в машину

Police stopped a drunk driver

Poor driver had to wear handcuffs.

In Ternopil police officer to stop a car whose driver was intoxicated, jumped into his car. As reported Today, the incident occurred on Lime street.

Police reported that the driver of the car Honda Accord is in a state of alcoholic intoxication. The alcohol content in driver’s blood exceeded 10 times the permissible norm.

Cops stopped the car on the Bolo. The driver at first denied that he drank. And then he closed in the car and switched places with his wife, saying that she was driving. In the backseat was a small child.

“The driver, when he saw that the case was serious and he expects a punishment, started the car and almost ran over me. I’m on the go I jumped in the car and killed the engine,” – says Yaroslav patrol.

In connection with this turn of events law enforcement officers were forced to handcuff the offender. In addition, the car that was stopped by police, was wanted.

As reported in Exactly a female driver in a condition of alcoholic intoxication broke four cars.