In Ternopil region national guardsmen massively sick with measles

В Тернопольской области нацгвардейцы массово болеют корью

Vaccination of the military decided to speed up

11 servicemen were diagnosed with measles, therefore the local authorities decided to speed up the vaccination of the military.

The outbreak of measles was among the military personnel of national guard in Ternopil region. On Friday, February 1, the press service of the police region.

“On treatment are now seven soldiers, some of them moderate, the rest mild course of the disease. With symptoms of viral diseases doctors approached 12 natsgvardeytsev. Was diagnosed with measles have eleven of them” – commented the head of the centre for preventive medicine of the Territorial medical Association of the MIA of Ukraine in Ternopil region, Yuli Nikolin.

It is also reported that because of the situation with the disease of national guardsmen held a meeting of the local Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety and emergency situations in the Ternopil city Council.

The participants, in particular, decided to speed up the process of vaccination among the troops and other contact persons, and the sick, to send for treatment at the nearest military hospital of the Ministry of interior.

However, due to the severe course of the disease patients are not suitable for transportation and continue treatment in the infectious Department of the Ternopol city hospital of ambulance.

At the same time, military units of the national guard have been vaccinated against measles.

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