In Ternopil region the hackers informed about radiation hazards – ORD

В Тернопольской области хакеры оповестили о радиоактивной опасности - ОГА

February 17, in the media of the Ternopil region, a fake message about the increase in radiation hazard in the region, the information was later refuted.

The head of Department on civil protection of population of Ternopil regional state administration Igor Livinsky said that the message about the presence of radioactive contamination in the region went on the air on Ua:Ukrainian radio Ternopil at 9:30 in Studio recordings.

“It said that reports on the pollution Control of emergency situations. Such management now in the field at all. There is the Directorate of civil protection of population of the Ternopol regional state administration, is the Management of SSES of Ukraine in Ternopil region, which is headed by Victor Mosley”, – Livinsky said.

“Most likely, it was tampering … Control RSA contacted the developers of the program in which the recording was made, and they do not rule out external interference … it is Also possible that was a glitch in the system”, he added.

At the moment, according to Livinsky, the instrument by which was extended the entry is de-energized.

In turn, in UA: Ukrainian radio Ternopil stated that the emergency notification of the population about emergency situations in the Ternopil region by the Directorate of civil protection of population of the Ternopol regional state administration by interrupting the signal of Public radio and broadcast their own information.

“UA: Ukrainian radio Ternopil automatically retransmit Control messages, and therefore does not affect the content of the information or the time of its appearance in the air,” said the broadcaster.

“The Ternopil regional state administration reported that the failure occurred software system alerts, which was the reason for the airing of false information. About the reasons of failure will be investigated,” said the company.

Recall that German intelligence agencies recorded significant growth in the number and scale of hacker attacks on vital infrastructure of the country.