In Ternopil region traveling circus left the camel

В Тернопольской области передвижной цирк бросил верблюда

Camel threw in Khorostkiv

The animal was left tied at the local stadium.

In Khorostkiv, Ternopil region, after the arrival of the traveling circus stayed in the town of camel. The animal was dumped at the local stadium, according to Facebook, the movement for animal rights UAnimals.

“In Khorostkiv, Ternopil region, travelling circus threw out the camel. You are not heard. Workers tent Packed up and went, and the animal was just left in the middle of a local stadium,” — said the coordinator UAnimals Alexander Tatarchuk.

Animal rights activists found out that the circus has arrived from Georgia. In this case, it is a violation of the law, as traveling circuses in Ukraine is illegal.

We will remind, the Kyiv city Council banned a travelling circus tent in the capital.