In Ternopil to 15 years in prison condemned the guy who during quarrel strangled his pregnant girlfriend

В Тернополе на 15 лет тюрьмы осудили парня, который во время ссоры задушил свою беременную девушку

In Ternopil in the 15 years of imprisonment condemned 23-year-old boy, who during quarrel strangled his pregnant girlfriend. About it reported in a press-service GU of the National police in the Ternopil region.

As noted, in February last year in the hostel on the street was found strangled 21-year-old pregnant woman. It is known that the death was caused by mechanical asphyxia (suffocation).

The identity of the suspect in the Commission of a serious crime the police have established “hot pursuit”. As it became clear during a pretrial investigation, a young woman from S. Lanovec arrived to the regional centre in search of work and after a while got a job as a cashier in one of the commercial establishments of the city. With his future killer met over a year ago.

The news that the girlfriend is pregnant from another, he didn’t stop the cavalier. The pair continued to meet. The young man often stayed overnight.

“On that fateful day the couple spent time together, visited the cinema, walking, the guy was drinking alcohol. Late in the evening returned to the woman’s apartment. In the bed between the young people, a dispute arose. And still no one knows what so greatly offended a friend of his cavalier, but he got very angry and in the heat of a drunken hand squeezed the neck of his mistress and the other closed her nose and mouth. Released when the victim was not breathing,” – said in the message.

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When the man realized what he had done, quickly got dressed and ran away, taking with him valuable things to simulate that the atrocity committed by ordinary thieves.

The body of a woman found her roommate. She called an ambulance, but doctors only verified death of the victim, who was 19 weeks pregnant.

Law enforcement officers quickly tracked down the suspect. He was hiding in a village in the Zbarazh district. During the detention, the guy resisted and caused injuries to the employee of militia. Investigators found and seized stolen by an attacker jewelry and money.

The guy was found guilty under three articles of the Criminal code – deliberate murder of a pregnant woman; the secret theft of another’s property; deliberate causing to the employee of law enforcement body light bodily injuries.

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The man did not admit his guilt. In the walls of the Ternopil city district court, the defendant categorically denied any involvement in the death of a young woman. The sentence: fifteen years imprisonment for the murder of the mother and unborn daughter.

We will remind, in Kiev region the teenager strangled his 16-year-old girl and hid her body in the woods.