In the ancient vessels found product age 7200 years

В древних сосудах нашли продукт возрастом 7200 лет

Age new finds twice the same opening in Egypt and belongs to the Neolithic period.

In Croatia, an international team of archaeologists found ceramic pots with the remnants of cheese. The age of the product at 7.2 for thousands of years. It is reported by Science Alert.

Vessels found on the coast of Dalmatia, in the North-West of the Balkan Peninsula. Some artifacts belong to the decorative style of the Neolithic.

The discovery was much older than the remains of the cheese found in the Cheese Egypt from the tomb near Cairo dates back to 1290 – 1213 years BC.

Scientists believe that the storage of dairy products in the vessels at the time helped make them easier portable. The people of the Neolithic period was not yet the gene for lactose tolerance that cause allergic reactions.

Pottery on the legs used for the storage of fermented dairy products, like cheese and yogurt.

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