In the apartment of the activist of the C14 threw a grenade.

В квартиру активиста С14 бросили гранату - нардеп

The apartment coordinator C14 threw an explosive device

As a result, wounded the father of the activist. Sergey Mazur is currently in the center of Ichnya.

The apartment coordinator C14 Sergey Mazur threw an explosive device. About it I wrote in Facebook the people’s Deputy Igor Lutsenko.

“About an hour ago in an apartment my assistant volunteer Sergey Mazur organization Sich an explosive device was thrown. Suffered father Sergei. Made window glass. Previously, a grenade or a firecracker,” wrote he.

Igor Lutsenko said that a possible version of the incident can be a public activity of the Mazur.

This information was confirmed by the activist Victor Duluc.

About the explosion in the apartment Mazur also wrote the leader of C14 Yevhen Karas.

It also became known that the explosion is already going members of Parliament and city Council.

Earlier, the Kyiv Appeal court softened the measure of restraint for the coordinator for the C14 Sergei Mazur, who is suspected in the pogrom of the Roma camp in Kyiv.

Mazur for two months was put under house arrest on July 18. After the court hearing, the representatives of the C14 brought the trash from the Bald mountain under the building Holoseievski rayupravleniya police.

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