In the apparatus of the Ministry of defense employs 82% of the civilian

В аппарате Минобороны работают 82% гражданских

In the office of the Ministry only work 18% military

The changed proportions relative to the number of servicemen and civilian employees in the structure of the defense Ministry.

In the office of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine has 82% of the civilian employees and the remaining 18% are military. This was stated by the Director of the Department of military policy, strategic planning and international cooperation of the defense Ministry Oleg Melikhov, Interfax reported on Friday, November 16.

According to him, the proportions by number of military and civilian personnel in the structure of the Ministry of defence changed.

“Now, this figure came to 82/18. 82% – civilian personnel, 18% of military personnel,” said Melikhov.

He noted that in the future this proportion will increase.

The official said, now is the process of changing military leaders of some structural units in the civil the results of tenders.

In addition, according to the law, the clarification of the Ministry. Among other things, the redistribution of functions and tasks between the Ministry and the General staff.

Earlier, defense Minister Stepan Poltorak ordered to reduce the number of military posts in the Department to 18%.

We also learned how many women serve in the armed forces.


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