In the area ATO killed military from Transcarpathia.

В зоне АТО погиб военный из Закарпатья − соцсети

In the Donbass killed military

A soldier recently celebrated 21 years.

In the zone of the antiterrorist operation, on Christmas day, 7 January, a soldier was killed Vasily Gryn, leader of the nationalist movement of the Carpathian Sich Taras Deyak in Facebook.

According to him, the grin died from a gunshot wound. He was a native of the village Batrad ‘ beregovskogo district, Transcarpathian region, as of January 1, marked the 21st anniversary.

We will note, according to the press center of staff ATO, as of 18: 00 on 7 January across the line dividing the parties has not been a single armed provocations.

In the Donbass killed officer machardie

Earlier it was reported that in the area of ATO near Marinka killed two Ukrainian volunteers.