In the area of ATO 66 attacks, five wounded – staff

В зоне АТО 66 обстрелов, пять раненых – штаб

The Ukrainian military almost every day bear losses in the Donbas

The enemy used howitzers at the seaside track.

For the last day, 17 June, units of the separatists 66 times fired at positions of Ukrainian armed forces in Donbass. In the fighting five soldiers were wounded, the press center of staff ATO.

So, in the seaside area recorded 28 times attacks. Under fire from 120-mm mortars hit the positions in the area of Granite, Chermalyk and Shirokino. At Shirokino beat from the tank. In addition, the Ukrainian military that hold the defense near Novoselivka Druha, roughly from the temporarily occupied Grigorovka has released nearly a dozen artillery shells of 122-mm howitzers. Of less powerful firepower, grenade launchers and small arms, repeatedly opened fire on the fortifications of the ATO forces near Pavlopol, Glorious, Gotovogo, Taramchuk, Talakovki, Water, Marinka, Krasnogorovka, etc.

On Donetsk the direction, firing in the beginning of the last days with 152-mm artillery systems near Avdeevka and part of the territory near the settlement Kalinovo, the separatists of shelling has not stopped. During the day and evening, the enemy repeatedly fired at the ATO forces ‘ positions near Avdeevka from the tank, mortars of various calibers and infantry weapons. Also under pretty heavy mortar fire yesterday turned out to be Ukrainian fortifications near Novgorod.

In addition, violations of the conditions of ceasefire were recorded in Verkhnetoretsky of the Russian Federation, Kamenka, Novoselovka, Novoluganskoe. There was used a whole range particlesystem weapons – anti-tank missiles, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms. Only in this area recorded 17 armed provocations of the enemy.

At the direction of Lugansk recorded 21 fact fire. The situation deteriorated in the second half of the day and evening, when the positions in the Crimean and Katerinovka was repeatedly fired upon by the enemy from 120-mm mortars, grenade launchers and heavy machine guns. Also under enemy mortar fire yesterday hit fortifications near Trinity, Trekhizbenka and Old Aidar. With less potent infantry weapons and infantry fighting vehicles, the separatists repeatedly beaten by the soldiers who hold the Fort near the village of Lugansk, Novoaleksandrovka and stems.

As reported Корреспондент.netper day June 16, the Donbass was committed 67 attacks. Then one Ukrainian soldier was killed. Three more were injured.

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