In the area of ATO has dramatically decreased the number of attacks

В зоне АТО резко сократилось число обстрелов

The military averaged 19 attacks per day in the DPR says one hundred released min.

For the past days the number of attacks forces ATO decreased from 30 to 19, reports the press center of the ATO.

According to security officials, in particular, five fire blows were struck with mortars 82-mm caliber; three at the defenders of the Town, one each in the areas of Happiness and zaytsevo. During the bombardment of positions near Trehizbenka, Szerokiego Birch and the enemy used rocket launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms.

“The purpose of defense of the Ukrainian soldiers fired 9 times to open fire in response,” – said the headquarters of ATO.

In turn, the DND reported that Ukrainian troops the day before in the evening and at night produced 119 mines in the area Dokuchaevsk and Gorlovka.

“The Ukrainian military from 19:30 to 23:30, fired the city Dokuchayevsk, Clear village, villages zaytsevo and Wide Beam. On these settlements was released 95 min calibre 120 mm and 24 mines of calibre of 82 mm”, – transfers the edition GIVEN.


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