In the area of ATO in the area Volnovakha missing serviceman-the contract employee

В зоне АТО в районе Волновахи пропал военнослужащий-контрактник

Ukrainian soldier. Photo from the archive.

In the ATO zone near Volnovakha in Donetsk region lost a contract serviceman. This “Public radio” announced a volunteer Svetlana Abayev, which is in contact with a military family.

She noted that shortly before the connection with him was lost, the contractor decided to transfer to another military unit. According to Abaeva, in the previous military unit contractor had a conflict with the commander.

“The commander needs after three hours of no-show of the soldier to report the loss. Roughly speaking. Two or three days should do the surrounded by 100 km and to find. Read more — 10 days he did nothing,” said she.

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Relatives of Alexander Romaniuk filed a formal complaint about his disappearance to the police.

Speaker of the 30th brigade Ivan Burdyuh said the “Public radio” that the soldier did not appear in the unit after discharge from the hospital.

“We know that he was hospitalized. First hospital in the Donetsk region, and then transferred to Zaporozhye, and then to Khmelnytskyi in the hospital. From there he was discharged. Gone where, no one knows,” he said.

On this fact office investigation is ongoing.

As reported in the Vinnytsia region as a result of a traffic accident killed 30-year-old Sergeant of the National guard.

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