In the area of ATO the car hit a military checkpoint

В зоне АТО машина сбила военного на блокпосту

One of the roadblocks in the Luhansk region

The driver tried to pass without inspection.

This morning in the area of ATO in the Luhansk region with the shooting stopped a car whose driver had shot down a Ukrainian military checkpoint. This reports the press center of staff ATO.

It is reported that in the area of Happiness at a checkpoint the driver of the car VAZ 2115 tried to pass without checking and ran at the Sergeant. The military rode on the hood of about five meters, fell and fired a warning shot.

“After the vehicle did not stop and continued to move, the soldiers used their weapons. The car has received six bullet holes. The driver, who was a resident of the city Happiness, was not injured. Sergeant in the accident was injured,” – said in the headquarters.

As reported Корреспондент.netMarch 17, in Nikolaev the military truck drove to the pet store. The ZIL-131 on the way down brakes failed. The accident killed one soldier.