In the area of the ATO died journalist

В зоне АТО скончался журналист

Mykola Shlapak

Mykola Shlapak was in business trip in Severodonetsk.

A journalist from Kharkiv Mykola Shlapak died on March 2, at the hospital in Severodonetsk, where he was on a business trip. Doctors diagnosed him with a heart attack, then voiced a different diagnosis — aortic dissection, reports the website of TV channel OTB, where he worked as a journalist.

Shlapak – honored journalist of Ukraine, volunteer and war correspondent. He made several trips to the Donbass after the beginning of military conflict.

In addition, in 2014 year in Kharkiv Mykola Shlapak was among the first volunteers who collected humanitarian aid and distributed it to internally displaced persons.

In Kharkiv regional state TV and radio, and after – on the OTB channel Mykola Shlapak worked for almost 17 years.

As reported Корреспондент.netduring ATO killed 14 journalists. Nine of them died during execution of their duties, and five – as soldiers on the front line.

In the Donbass killed volunteer staff