In the Atlantic recorded a record wave

В Атлантическом океане зафиксировали рекордную волну

A giant wave broke all records

Wave near Iceland reached an altitude of 19 metres.

The biggest wave recorded in the North Atlantic ocean between great Britain and Iceland. 19-foot wave was the largest in the entire history of observations, according to the world meteorological organization.

Previous wave record 18,275 meter was registered on 8 Dec 2007 in the same region.

The record was registered by a group of scientists from Britain, Canada, USA and Spain with a special buoy, which is a network of marine automatic weather stations the met office in the United Kingdom. Such buoys are complementary to measurements from ships and satellite data.

Wave height is determined by scientists as the distance from the crest of one wave to the bottom of the next.

In Sochi, the waves flooded the first floors of the hotel