In the ATO pensioners began to deprive concessionary travel

В АТО пенсионеров начали лишать льготного проезда

Repeal of retiree travel benefits

In Severodonecke the deputies did not budget for benefits.

Residents of Severodonetsk, Luhansk relating to preferential categories soon will be forced to pay for travel social transportation.

As reported by Izvestia, the deputies of Severodonetsk city Council adopted budget 2016, where there is no money to compensate for free transportation of preferential categories of the population: pensioners, disabled people and ucastniku fighting, etc.

According to the current legislation, from 2016 local budgets must provide funds to compensate for free transportation of preferential categories of the population on public transport.

According to the Deputy of city Council Sergey Shakhov, former Secretary of the city Council and the Deputy from the Opposition bloc Igor Butkov behind the scenes is a monopolist in the field of routing traffic in Severodonetsk and therefore MPs deliberately broke the law and provided this article.

“Today, the only social transport in the city are trolleybuses. From January to March 2016 KP “Severodonetsk trolleybus management” has carried out the transportation of exempts in the amount of 6 million hryvnas and repayment of these funds from the city budget they will not get. If the company would continue free transportation of beneficiaries, then private funds would only last until September 2016, after which it will become bankrupt,” said Shah.

Naponim, earlier it was reported that in Nikolaev the participant of war got 40 UAH subsidies.