In the ATO zone has become smaller attacks that wounded one soldier – headquarters

В зоне АТО стало меньше обстрелов, ранен один боец – штаб

APU fighter was wounded in Talakovka

The day of the Ukrainian military is four times opened fire in response.

For the last day, 16 July, units of the separatists 16 times opened fire on positions of Ukrainian armed forces in Donbass. Wounded one soldier, reports the press center of staff ATO.

According to the military, the day the illegal armed groups were not attacks, but after 18:00 the provocations continued.

So, on the Mariupol direction the enemy with grenade launchers beat on strong points in the Water and Shirokino. With 20.40, and for nearly two hours, the enemy of the 120 and 82 mm mortars, Armored vehicles, grenade launchers and heavy machine guns fired at divisions of anti-terrorist operation forces near the settlement of Gnutovo.

Around the same time were being fired and Talakovka. Here one soldier received a shrapnel wound. In addition, at the end of the day it was released 13 min caliber 82 mm at the Krasnogorovka.

At the direction of Lugansk in the evening, the separatists from grenade launchers and small arms fired at the Novozvanovka, Trinity, Novoaleksandrovka and Donets.

It is noted that during the day the ATO forces four times opened fire in response.

As reported Корреспондент.netfor day 15 of July in the Donbas recorded 26 enemy attacks. As a result of blasting on a mine one Ukrainian military was killed, another injured.