In the Bakhmut two separatist surrendered to the police

В Бахмуте два сепаратиста сдались в полицию

Now the police conducts pre-trial investigation

If it is found that men involved in violent crimes, they will be exempt from criminal liability.

In the city of Bakhmut two separatist voluntarily surrendered to the police. About it reports management of national police in the Donetsk region on Tuesday, March 12.

It is noted that one of the men – 30-year-old resident of Bakhmut in 2018 after his release from prison, like many of his friends, joined the separatists. But after several days of duty at the checkpoint near the city of Yenakiyevo, he became disillusioned and decided to give up.

Another man, 32-year-old local resident, decided to escape from the separatists from punishment for petty theft in Bakhmut. For this purpose he crossed the border with Russia and stopped on the uncontrolled territory of that state.

The leaders of one of the groups entrusted him with the management of military equipment. After driving a BMP a few weeks, the man decided that it would be better to be punished for stealing on controlled Ukraine of the territory than to serve the separatists. He returned to Bakhmut and confessed to illegal activities.

Now the police conducts pre-trial investigation. If it is found that men involved in violent crimes, they will be exempt from criminal liability.

Recall, March 9, in Lugansk region armed separatists surrendered to the Ukrainian military. The man was carrying a Kalashnikov AK-74, the Russian ruble, “military ticket” and other “documents”, “LC”.

And on the eve of the Donbass detained separatists, who fought at debaltseve.

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