In the broadcast of Russian TV show there was a fight between pole and former Parliament over Ukraine

В эфире российского телешоу произошла потасовка между поляком и экс-депутатом ВРУ из-за Украины

Brawl broadcast Russian talk show

In Russia on one of the TV show there was a fight between the Polish journalist Tomasz Mazacam and the former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the seventh convocation of Ukraine Igor Markov of words about Ukraine.

Mateychuk, stated that “Ukrainians want to live like normal people, not Russians”.

The transcript of the altercation results in the publication “Vesti”:

Marachuk: And now, when we talk about money, I want to congratulate Romania on a victory. And you know why? Because today, in Romania the average salary is higher than in Russia. Latvia is also higher.

Markov: It’s the Ukrainians advise, for the money they all sell.

Marachuk: the Ukrainians also want to live like normal people and not shit like you.

Babayan: did I just hear right that we live in shit?

Marachuk: Right, of course, correct. Compare your…

Babayan: (throwing in Maracucha paper) Yes, it’s you the shit live!

Markov: (going to Maracucho) Sheep, get out of here. Get out of here. Just try to pull. Get out of here. (addressing the presenter) a novel need to get him out.
Marachuk: When you say that we live in shit, is it good?

Markov: You’re too young, you at least have the respect to show.

Marachuk: I Have a right to their point of view.

Markov: not necessary to insult, okay?

Marachuk: Who said “hang up, creature” is not an insult? When you call the poles “no whore” is not insulting?

Markov: When? Where? Why are you yelling?

Marachuk: When you insult Lithuanians, Estonians, Latvians, poles – is this normal?

After that, the parties started the fight.