In the building of the Ukrainian Institute of naramata smashed Windows

В здании Украинского института нацпамяти разбили окна

A broken window at the Institute of naramata, 19.04.2017

In the building of the Ukrainian Institute of national remembrance broke three Windows. About this on his page in Facebook wrote Director of the institution Vladimir vyatrovich.

“Again, the broken window of the house on Lipsky, 16, where the Ukrainian Institute of national memory. Another small act of hooliganism, measured separately, not taking into account previous attacks on the institution over the past months. So, unfortunately, still considers them the police,” he wrote.

Subsequently, viatrovych said that smashed three Windows.

We will remind, in February at the entrance to the Institute of naramata spilled blood, and before the press conference, a few people lashed out at Vyatrovich.

March 1, unknown persons set fire to the doors of the Institute of naramata.

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