In the Carpathian takers escaped from the security forces during detention

На Прикарпатье взяточники сбежали от силовиков во время задержания

MP and ex-COP hiding after exposing

The former militiaman, who acted as a mediator when receiving a bribe of half a million, fled from the staff of the CORD. Part of the money he left with him.

In Ivano-Frankivsk region on a bribe in 1,5 million hryvnias of the exposed member of the city Council and a former militiaman. On Wednesday, October 10, reported the press service of the National police of Ukraine.

It is noted that the detainees were cranked manipulation of land allocation.

“The Deputy of one of municipal councils and former law enforcement officers have adjusted the corruption scheme of land issues. Now both suspects are hiding from the investigation and declared wanted… For the solution of the land question in favor of the commercial structure, these persons demanded from the representative of the 50 thousand illegal benefit. In particular, for the removal at consideration of session of city Council in future decision-making on granting in rent of the land plot under construction of a plant for processing waste”, – the report says.

The Deputy put a condition – the money, the representative of the commercial structure needs to leave in advance due to location. To protect yourself from exposing law enforcement officers, the officer brought to the criminal scheme of the mediator, former law enforcement officer. After the decision of the conciliation allocation of land, the latter had to take 1.5 million UAH. bribes and distribute between all participants of the “scheme”.

Law enforcement officers with the participation of KORD has held events for detention of the defendant. The latter, realizing that exposed, tried hitting the cops and fled the scene.

“During the escape, the last “dump” funds into a roadside forest. During the inspection, police found the lack of 106 thousand UAH from the total sum of the illegal gains. This fact gives grounds to assume that the mediator has left that amount to yourself for further opportunities to hide from law enforcement bodies”, – militiamen noted.

The defendants wanted.


We will remind, several days earlier the employee of the Prosecutor General was detained on a bribe in $15 thousand.

Also on a bribe in $20 thousand detained the head of Department of taxes and fees from individuals of the State fiscal service of Ukraine Pavel Dronace.


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