In the Carpathian thieves pulled out of the jewelry store safe with gold

На Прикарпатье воры вытащили из ювелирного магазина сейф с золотом

The police suspect in the crime, local

A safe weighing 150 kg was pulled from the attackers on the wire.

In Coloma Ivano-Frankivsk region Wednesday, October 18, robbed a jewelry store, pulled out his box of decorations. It is reported by the NTC, citing police data.

A safe weighing 150 kilograms from a jewelry store pulled out, hooking a rope. Then on the street put him in the car and disappeared. As the chief of Kolomyia police Department Ostap, Bileichuk, the robbery occurred on the street Mazepa in the Central part of Kolomyia city.

“Near the town hall unknown persons entered the store “Gold and silver”, where he tied a box with a rope hitched to the car, pulled the safe from the premises of the store, loaded into the car and disappeared from the scene,” he said.

Law enforcement officers believe that the robbery involved three or four people, it is likely the locals because they are oriented to the area.

What was in the box, the store owner is not yet announced, so the amount of damage caused by robbers, is established.

A criminal case under article “Theft”.

As reported, near Vinnitsa caught thieves with safe.