In the Carpathians, completed construction of a new Beskid tunnel

В Карпатах достроили новый Бескидский тоннель

The construction of the tunnel at the final stage

The new tunnel stretched at 1765 meters and will connect Ukraine and the EU.

Completed the construction of new railway double-track Beskid tunnel in the Carpathian mountains, which is 30 metres from the existing technically obsolete tunnel. This was reported on the site of construction Association interbudmontazh.

As noted, the length of the tunnel with two train paintings made 1764,5 meters.
Beskid tunnel is the second longest railway tunnel in Ukraine. It is located between the stations of the Beskids and Carpathians and in skotars’ke part in the fifth pan-European transport corridor Italy – Slovenia – Hungary – Slovakia – Ukraine – Russia.

The tunnel was built in 1886 and has already exhausted its service life, moreover, its weak bandwidth imposes restrictions on the international transport corridor.

A new double-track tunnel has a length of 1765 meters, width of 10.5 meters, a height of 8.5 meters and lies at a maximum depth of 180 meters from the surface of the Beskydy mountain range.

Recall first the construction of the tunnel began in 2011.

And only in 2014 the European investment Bank announced the allocation of Ukraine of the loan in the amount of 55 million euros for the construction of the Beskyd railway tunnel in the Carpathians, which will connect Ukraine and the EU.