In the Carpathians EN masse bloomed Ruta

В Карпатах массово зацвела червона рута

In the Carpathians bloom Ruta

Flowering usually begins in early June, and its peak is in the middle of the month. Despite the name, flowers are not red but pink.

In the Carpathians started the season flowering rhododendron, which is also popularly called Chervona Ruta. Delight in bright colors the flowers will be in three weeks, reports 112 Ukraina.

To watch the flowering usually in early June, and peaked in the middle of the month.

Scientific name of flowers – Rhododendron, translated from the Greek as a tree rose. But the people it’s known as “Chervona Ruta”.

According to legend, it blooms once every 10 years in the highlands of the Carpathians. If they find the girl and give to his beloved, he will always love her and never betray.

Earlier it was reported that in Transcarpathia bloomed Sakura. And in may, in Uzhgorod blossomed Tulip tree. It has orange-green flowers, which in appearance and size similar to tulips.


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