In the Carpathians it is expected the avalanches – SSES

В Карпатах ожидается сход лавин – ГСЧС

Rescuers warn of possible avalanches on January 14-15.

In the mountains of Ivano-Frankivsk region possible avalanches on January 14-15, reported the State service of Ukraine on emergency situations (SSES).

“Due to snowfall, on January 14-15 in the mountains of Ivano-Frankivsk region expected significant snow avalanche danger (level 3)”, – stated in the message.

We will remind, for the last day rescuers gave help to injured 12 tourists-skiers in the Carpathians.

Note, in the second half of January, weather forecasters predict strong snowfalls and low temperatures to -20…25 degrees below zero.

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