In the Carpathians looking for the body of the deceased tourist

В Карпатах ищут тело погибшего туриста

The tourists went to climb March 17

A group of three people went to climb the mountain, but got lost. One was found by rescuers, was able to get out myself, the body of the third are looking for.

In the Transcarpathian region in the mountains looking for the body of the deceased tourists from Uzhgorod, who is part of a group of three people went to climb the mountain Pop Ivan on 17 March. On Tuesday, March 20, reports a press-service gschs of Ukraine.

According to the report, a group of three people on March 17 was climbing the mountain the Pope Ivan from the city of Rakhov in Zakarpattia region and lost. On March 19 they began to look for rescuers.

“On March 19 at 16.46 workers Yavornytsky search and rescue offices in the meadow grope found one of the tourists, a resident of Uzhgorod Zakarpattia region, 1986 . According to the tourist, their group split up, and one of the men, in 1984, a resident of Uzhgorod, was killed roughly between a valley and a mountain grape Output. Third tourist, 1988, a resident of Ternopil, yourself went in the tract of the Victim and stayed with local residents”, – is spoken in the message of the SSES.

The search for the body of the deceased tourists continue. The search operations involved 13 rescuers and 3 units of equipment Ivano-Frankovsk, Verkhovyna and Kosovo search and rescue offices.

Recall that last month, when climbing a mountain in the Carpathian mountains lost four tourists. Then managed to save everyone.

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