In the Carpathians re-bloomed Ruta

В Карпатах повторно расцвела червона рута

In the Carpathians it bloomed again Chervona Ruta

Normal flowering of the plant is at the end of spring – beginning of summer. In the fall the plant blooms very rarely.

In social networks on Friday, September 14, there were pictures Chervona Ruta, which is the second time this year bloomed at the foot of Hoverla.

Autumn flowering plants are considered to be anomalous, because usually Ruta blooms in late may – early June.

Chervona Ruta is also called rhododendron of mortality (or vostochnobeisky). This low-growing creeping evergreen shrub that in the high valleys bloom bright red (usually in June). The name rhododendron is derived from two Greek words rhodos-rose, and dendron-tree (a rose tree).



In early June wrote about the mass flowering of Chervona Ruta.

And in may, in Uzhgorod blossomed Tulip tree. It has orange-green flowers, which in appearance and size similar to tulips.

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