In the Carpathians the postman stole the pensions of 100 of thousands and fled to Poland

В Прикарпатье почтальон украла пенсии на 100 тысяч и сбежала в Польшу

The police finds out, how many people have suffered from the actions of the postman

Most robbed – rural pensioners.

In Ivano-Frankivsk region the postman robbed pensioners on 100 thousand hryvnias. Most of the deceived – rural pensioners, said Today.

It has been established that a woman named Galina handed in the report and the work never came out. No more of my countrymen have not seen her, although police said the intruder fled to Poland through the border crossing point Rava Ruska.

“The roommate told us that her adult son had spent a large sum on the slot machines. Perhaps it made the postman with 15 years experience excellent work to go to a crime”, – is spoken in the message.

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier in Kiev have detained the swindlers who have stolen from banks, 7 million hryvnia. The suspects used forged Bank cards for payments through POS-terminals located in shopping centers.